This is an architectural design studio tutored by Aslihan Senel at Istanbul Technical University during the Spring of 2017. This term we are working on water in Istanbul. We hold discussions about the unequal and controlling views over water (and also social life) and try to see alternative ways of architectural practices, which suggest a commoning understanding. The works, which you can see at this site, approach the issue from a poetic and critical perspective.


Studying water suggests multiple perspectives in order to understand the social, political, economical dynamics in a city and about architecture. Exploration of processes of measurement, harvesting, controlling, and distribution of water may be a way to understand the dynamics of economy, consumption, and ownership in the city; an investigation of hygiene and health claimed through water may offer ways of dealing with social and ideological imagination of body; a research of ecologies of water may help us comprehend the arbitrariness of dualities, such as nature-culture, site-architecture, and human-nature. During the term, we will be working on multiple aspects of water through exploratory and creative means. Working critically through themes around water, may offer a fruitful way of imagining new kinds of architectures, those which value responsibility without owning, acknowledge all living rather than privileging humans, and which take inspiration from the continuous exchange and transformation amongst water and others.


Image: Kathy Prendergast, To Alter a Landscape, (1983) Body Map series, Collection of Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.