The Doors between Times

narrating a site

A model was created spatially using the experiences and spaces of the two texts and their own papers of the texts. The use of the papers of the texts comes from the idea that they directly create the spaces they narrate and describe. The model, which was conceptually considered the first time, was built more spatially in the second time.


siting a narrative

While analyzing the Çarşamba Çukurbostan, formerly known as Aspar cistern, with Anıl Aydınoğlu in order to place a narrative to the site, we noticed the wall of the Çukurbostan is the only remaining thing from the past and is in an ignored state. We thought that the wall would come to the fore like a picture hanging on to itself.Then we thought that the wall would be more visible by hanging an empty frame like a picture hanging on the wall.
And we tried to emphasize it by using the junked doors. Then, the doors came to one another and began to define different spaces and to create passages between the gaps opened on the wall.



drawing from video

“In Stalker’ eyes. There are doors on the wall of the cistern that opened from one time to the one another … And passing through past and future, it was becoming a garden, in a pit… sometimes the direction of the time changed … The merging times become a moment, it is happening now.

In the door’s mount. I was a door in a cistern wall, flooded for years… and I folded in the future and opened in a garden… Sometimes past and future united where I opened… And I would be an old house door opened from memories to present.

In the drawing eyes.The spaces are formed during passing from time to time turns into labyrinth spaces by intersecting and combining.”

“İzcinin gözünden. Kapılar var bir zamandan diğerine açılan sarnıcın duvarlarında… ve geçerken içlerinden geçmiş ile geleceğin bir bostan olur bir çukurun içinde… ve bazen değişirdi yönü zamanın… birleşiyor zamanlar bir bir an oluyor, şuan oluyor.

Kapının ağzından. Açılan bir kapıyım ben bir sarnıcın duvarında… sular altındaydım yıllarca, ve yükseldim kıvrıldım geleceğe… bazen geçmiş ile gelecek birleşirdi açıldığım yerde, bazen eski bir evin kapısı olurdum hatıralardan açılan bugüne.

Çizimin gözünden. Zamandan zamana geçerken oluşan mekanlar kesişip birleşerek labirent mekanlara dönüşüyor.”


model from drawing

The spaces that can not be perceived in drawing as two dimensional became more visible. And as the locations of the formed spaces changed, different possibilities emerged.



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