-Space is defined with volume that was filled up by livings.

-memory is epitome of a space   -monument as a memory

-anti-monument without imposed things



-dense of water, abused land and oppressed living

-high moisture level, rooting things in everywhere, rusting things in everywhere, colored surfaces with degree of rust

-broken boundaries with water, irregular forms due to lack of boundaries

-a hidden Venice behind splendent described Venice, ignored livings which are epitome of city

Inspiration I


Monolith, 2002, Jean Nouvel

-reflection from a distance provokes a rereading of the natural site and of the existing constructions

-disturbs the lake’s skyline, breaking unity of land and water in the landscape

-conflict on forms enables to reread topography

Inspiration II

gravure from the Other Venice book of Matvejevic

Quote from Italien Journey book of Goethe -based on his thoughts about Venice:

This race does not migrate to these islands, and it is not a whim that pushes the next generations here. Their feelings need to be secured, their security learned to search for the most unfavorable conditions, then the whole North dark has turned into an advantage for being a resourceful people in ignorance. Houses are increasingly close together, leaving sand and mud to stone. The constructions climbed into the air like trees in closed and narrow areas. They had to compensate for the lack of width they had deprived altogether. Thus the Venetian became a new kind of creature.

With inspirations from different sources, I suppose, an anti-monument should be non-imposing, and it should put forward the surroundings not itself.


-to higlight water-related living use the conflicts water-land , wet-dry , fluid-solid , temporary-permanent

-conflicts make habitants live at there with different taste by means of that impact, people have opportunity for rereading their habitats

-do not let reality be in shadow of splendent descriptions search the soul of city with archeological perspective

-propose a stone that is wide, flat, low, smooth, one-piece, stabil, monotone as a contrary to epitome of Venice and its living

-hang it between structures with steel ropes

-notice the submerged and real livings of Venice


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