Transition or NOT?

Istanbul becomes so much in need of water that it is quite difficult to pass from Europe to near Anatolia. Poisonous fishes are grown in polluted, diseased water. With the connection between the two rocks, the transition to the opposite part is quite dangerous, because the water has been depleted, causing frame.

untitled-4All of the models are located between these two collars and aim to replace the istanbul bridge in the future. The first model tells us that the marine water is becoming increasingly polluted and that it is difficult to pass through the gaps. The other model tells us that water is now more polluted and covered, that it has become invisible from coke and illnesses, that the old and new roads have merged into one another.img_4182     This model, which combines both concepts, tells us that the gate becomes more difficult and that it can be lowered through spaces with the moving system.untitled-5kolaj2

Moving rod elements move at certain times and cause people to fall down. The rods are stretched to the lower part, and the opened space causes the loss.


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