More Limit

Nevin Aladağ’s work which is named ‘Borderline’ is examined.

Aladağ made an exhibition titled ‘Borderline’ on the Greek island of Samos, which is seperated from mainland Turkey merely by a strait. In the video with the same title as the exhibition, the sound, the image of the sea, and the shaking of the camera make viewers feel like they are on board the deck of a ferryboat or ship.


This study, which deals with the borders, can actually become more meaningful with boundaries and question some concepts to us.

More limit more perspective…

It is a borderline between the sea and the mountain in the video. The field of view is also a limit.s2People who watch the video also create a border. Even in this exhibition, does not other works constitute a boundary for this work?s3

Let’s expand the concept of border and focus on details…Living creatures living within the work are also boundaries. The pollution that we have not seen for the moment in the sea is also a big limit. The points where waves in the sea are mutually connected are also a limit.


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