Coastline Memorial


..then, why did you do that to me?kizkjulesiharita

I will take back what’s rightfully mine.

Can’t we pretend that we never hurted each other?



The “place” iswwww
located along Üsküdar coast.
Will anybody understand the feeling of the sea? Will anybody remember how much s/he missed the sea?




My waves used to hit the coast. Now, they hits  the concrete wall. And you.. You are watching me over the concrete wall like controlling what you have done to me.. I will not obey you. I will find a way to go up and create another place for me. I will touch the upper part of the concrete wall. I will touch you.. and make you remember how much you missed me. You will notice “again” that you cannot put borders between us. ı will come there with all my anger and love to hug you..



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