The Unknown Myth of Ebb and Flow

     While studying “The Water Myths”, we noticed that people try to explain the Earth movementsand weather conditions using their beliefs as they did not have the technology to figure out the scientific explanations. As the thunders like the lighnings, all the actions were about Gods and their relationships between eachother according to them. As we saw that, we decided to explain ebb and flow (receding and advancing of the ocean tide twice a day) in their way.

The Story

One say that,daughter of the Sea God, Aquel, and the son of the Earth God, Litos, were in love from the beginning of the time. But it was imposible for them to have their “happily ever after” because the Sea God was against their love. One time they meet up in the shore, as they do all the time secretly, Sea God saw them. He was furious and punished her daughter. He ordered seamosses to chain his daughter while he is sleeping, twice a day, and not to let her go meet Litos. But he was forgeting the fact that Aquel’s hypnotisingly beautiful voice was beautiful enough to make seamosses sleep and run away to Litos. Days passed with Aquel sings to seamosses and meets Litos while her dad was asleep. But one day, Sea God had a dream that Aquel and Litos was meeting secretly. He immidiately woke up and looked for Aquel. When he found her, she was with Litos. He decided to punish her forever to make this love ended. He made her form into water and poured her in the deep seas. But this did not finished their love. So today, everybody know that twice a day sea advance and reced to meet the Earth with the love of Aquel and Litos.




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