Refugee problem is obvious and Turkey has a key role in this period.

As a home to reach…

As a bridge

Decision makers, smugglers, politicians, warriors and refugees…

The wicked intentions, hopes…

Refugee problem with its every stage is  very debatable.

Here is a critisizm of this international issue within the context of water and antimonument.

Immigrant-Sea-Visitor is a project which aims to increase the number of witnesses for refugee problems by confronting, even disturbing people with truths.

Evolution of Anti-Monument

Placements have 3 stages following each other :

Floating, Fracture, Underwater Museum


A boat full of sculptures of refugees scud on the water.

… Anchored in the middle of the route between Turkey and Greece…

Can be seen by passengers who pass by


This  stage aims to make people witnesses for the strugglings of refugees in the middle of the water.


Boat is made from materials can be eaten by sea creatures and soluble in the water.

As the time goes by, boat will be weaken.

Then it will fracture and release sculptures (refugees) to deep blue of the sea.


Creatures –  as politicians –  are not killing refugees directly but doing nothing ( then water will destroy them ) or eating their boat, ( boat symbolizes their time and energy ) kills refugees not suddenly but slowly within the plan.


When sculptures sink, they will constitute a reef under the sea for sea creatures.

And it is also observable for scuba-divers.

This underwater refugee museum idea is founded by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

 His works can be seen here


Location of Placement


Project consist of 3 placement:

1 in the middle of the sea (1:1 scale application)
2 in harbours (1:10 scale application)

Placements in harbours aims to inform people about 1:1 placement in the middle of the sea


One of the reason behind the decision of location is the closeness of Greece and Turkey which both are the countries have big impacts on the process of migrating.

Featured characterictic of the project is the fluidity and the unstability of the design which we are accustomed from International Politics.


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