Destroying The Coastlines

Cities which are located near sea are an opportunity for the people who want to escape from the complex of the city. Nowadays, the most of coastline districts started to change by being residental area.These publicly owned areas began to become more and more privatized day by day. Along the route I walked, there are lots of dwellings restorants and 2 small scale parks. I could see from some of houses’ garden but it felt like interrupted breath. I think, it is a big problem for people so I wanted to experience and show to you with  an analysis video.

Üsküdar’s coastline analysis

  How can I create an awareness with an anti-monument ?

Firstly, I found a great area…


The area was narrow so I wanted to push the buildings to create a longline. I thought that it was my feelings so how can I transfer my feelings to people… “Push” was the keyword.

I needed some forms…

The people created the borders so the people can destroy the borders…


I need some of keywords…











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