Suyunizinde – Route 2


The drop was shaking at every step taken in his backpack towards Gümüşsuyu. It was looking out at the half-open zipper of the backpack. He came earlier this time and he was waiting other friends because he was late last trip. The drop thought it would be very boring to stay closed in a bottle in the backpack. Whereas for thousands of years where it had traveled. The drop remembered that it was so bored when it was waiting in an iceberg for the last hundred years Then one day it has melted into the sea as a result of global warming.

He opened his backpack when he was in the bus, The drop was excited for a moment to think that it would come out of his backpack, but he just took his sketchbook and started to draw. The drop had seen Istanbul Bosphorus for the first time.

Throughout the journey, sometimes the view of the Bosphorus broke and for a while nothing else was being seen on the walls. As the smell of the sea decreased, the noise of the city and cars was increasing. When the bus doors were opened at the stops, the sea smell and the exhaust smell filled the inside.


The drop was wondering about Istanbul for a long time and, it was in this city. A fish in Thjorsa river told him that it was a city connecting the two continents separated by the Bosphorus.  There are bridges on the Bosphorus that seemed to rope the two continents due to not move away from each others.

After they passed the Rumeli Fortress, they got off the bus to visit Edward BurtynSky’s Aqua Shock exhibit, the exhibition consisted of work on water. Finally, he took the bottle out of his backpack. It did not know what to use it for because people use the water for different purposes.

The drop always liked to use in watercolors, and when it realized that he was drawing a sketch of the artist’ Thjorsa river work, it thought it was a sign of goodness. Its dream would come true and it would flow freely in the Bosphorus. And it began to wait patiently.

How could it be! It could have been the last drop in the bottle. The watercolor finished bag was collected. This time it was alone in the bottle. He wanted the trip not to end and be hopeful.

In fact, the drop was not sure when he washing his brushes, its friends jumped from the bottle and went to the sink and went out of the hole and disappeared. But he did not dare. Does this hole end up in the Bosphorus? Is it the canalization which is dark and dirty smelling pipes as the elders told?


They took the bus again and went the road to Rumeli Lighthouse. The drop was reading the notes in the backpack along the way. This village is the end of the Bosphorus, after which the Black Sea starts and stretches as far as the horizon. Northwester (Poyraz) was blowing from here, he had met with this cool wind before, but this time he wanted to watch his dance with the southwester (Lodos) blows from the reverse side of the Bosphorus. He also knew that this dance was accompanied by waves and that mankind was not always very pleased with this union.

Since the trip ended at the Rumeli Lighthouse, it’s all hope was exhausted. It was very difficult for him to go back again from the coves formed by the slow erosion of the waves along the Bosphorus. But at least it decided to watch until satisfied on the way back.

The way back was started, but they suddenly landed again in Garipçe. People stood on the stools on the beach. They also sat down. He pulled the water bottle into his backpack. At the end of the trip, he felt a little tired and got very thirsty. He lifted the bottle to his mouth and tried to drink the last drop,But it did not flow. Then he stopped and looked at the drop and he understood. Then he walked up to the shore and turned the bottle over.. It dripped down into the water and fell to the water and mixed with the Bosphorus.rota2-3-copy


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