Becoming Anti-Monument

What does anti-monument of water mean?

water” concept can be seen in many myths, as the concept of woman. Besides, in the yin-yang duality of the Eastern philosophy, Yin symbolizes femininity and infinity, while yang identifies with masculinity and finite.

Becoming-woman” can also be thought as a form of understanding other than being a biological sex. For example, contemporary philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari had offered “becoming-woman” to men, women also.

Monument refers to being a masculine in the framework of the concept it represents. It defines the functions of reminding and voicing a symbol of power, authority, and ideology. In this context, it can be discussed that skyscrapers are monuments that represent the power of capitalism today. These phallic structures are a kind of the power imposition due to proportionally over the human scale. For this reason, if the anti-monument concept is understood as the opposite of the monument, it can be related to the concept of femininity.

On the other hand, responding to “What does anti-monument of water mean?” by looking for a different monumentality has conversion potential from the “anti-monument” to a monument with the change of authority in the future. Therefore, by approaching this way, creating the future monument could not exactly match the concept being considered.

In this sense, the anti-monument things not impose its authority, it may not be something that is put in the effort to have a say. It may not even be necessary to solidify it. Since there is always the possibility of gaining a monumental value when something builds and expands into the third dimension. For this reason, two-dimensional and horizontally expanding things would be more appropriate for the anti-monument of water concept. Also, architectural considerations developed by this method can lead to the design of female architectures and cities.



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